Huckleberry RC Track Rules

All participants must pay & sign the RACEWAY LIABILITY WAIVER for practice or racing prior to placing your vehicle on the track.

Wristbands will be given to paid drivers and must be worn at all times while driving.

ONLY electric 1/8 scale RC vehicles or smaller size is allowed. No nitro or gas.

ONLY 1/28 Mini-Z RC cars on the RCP Mini-Z track.

Battery rule:  Maximum is 4S LIPO or smaller main track.

You can ONLY drive from the Driver’s Stand.

Cars running on track have right-of-way. Make sure the area is clear before retrieving your car.
Entering the RC Track when cars are running, to retrieve or flip a car, can be hazardous or dangerous.
If you enter the track while cars are running, you do so at your own risk and take full responsibility for your actions.

No one under the age of 15 will be permitted to use the track unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Kids ages 14 & under are not permitted to turn-marshal on the track.

Do not walk on the track unless you are marshalling or retrieving a RC vehicle. 

Please wear shoes.  No flip flops, sandals, or open toed shoes are allowed when on the track.

Do not stop on the track. If you need to make adjustments, exit at the infield to avoid unnecessary collisions and broken cars.

Do not turn your radio off with your car still on. Never turn your car on with your radio off.

Do not drive against the flow of traffic during race/practice or use reverse at any time during the race day.

Never hit anyone from the rear (it’s your fault).

Drivers who do not exhibit proper control of their vehicles may not be allowed to race or practice.

Do not continue to drive a broken vehicle.

Be courteous to other drivers and their vehicles.  Do not crash into other people on purpose.

Do not yell or make comments to the marshals before, during practice or after a race.

No foul language, we are a family oriented facility.

Smoking is not allowed on the Drivers Stand or near other people.

No Food or Drinks are allowed on the Track or Driver’s Stand.

Please help keep our facility clean by picking up after yourself. We have Trash cans throughout our facility.  Please use them.

Huckleberry RC or affiliates there of take NO responsibility for any damage/theft or liability to you or your RC Car (This is a race environment, parts break). Race at your own risk. If you see any unsafe act on the property, report it to a track official/employee and it will be addressed. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and should be taken seriously. We encourage and practice safe acts. We expect our guests to do the same. We want you to have the utmost enjoyment at our RC Facility.

No person using the track facilities or attending Huckleberry RC events will have any claims for damages, expenses, lawsuits or otherwise against the owners, operators, or other track officials resulting from vehicle damage or personal injury. All persons present on the property of Huckleberry RC waive any claims.

Zero Tolerance Policy – No yelling, fighting, threatening, arguing, trash talking, or sabotaging other drivers.

No pets allowed.

Any driver found guilty of placing fellow racers, turn marshals, mechanics, or spectators in harm’s way or violating any of the track rules will be asked to leave immediately and you will also forfeit any fees paid. Management or Race Director has final say.

Have Fun ! Please have the right attitude.. This is a hobby and supposed to be Fun !